Interference Detection Drone

Interference Detection Drone

Full-band interference detection drone interception system
Model: AAT-Jam-D002
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Product Details of Interference Detection Drone

Product Introduction

Product Introduction

AL ASAR TECH Drone (UAS/ UAV) jamming interception equipment AAT-Jam-D002 is a high-power Drone (UAS/ UAV) suppression device. When the front-end radio detection or radar detection equipment guides the Drone (UAS/ UAV) jamming interception device to transmit commands, it will make forced landing and drive away from the black flying Drone (UAS/ UAV). Effect. The anti drone detection equipment can be integrated into the command and control platform of each overall unit through the network interface, and the equipment is easy to operate.


1. It can realize manual setting guidance and external automatic guidance

2. Control the work of the equipment, set the interference pattern, interference frequency, and interference power, etc.

3. The device interference direction can be set, and the servo and pitch rotation can be controlled

4. The terminal has the function of fault inspection and performance detection and the function of reporting system working status information

5. It can be connected to the accusation platform and realize automatic and intelligent linkage control based on the target data of the drone confirmed by various detection methods

6, with directional and fixed frequency interference signal function

7, can automatically calculate and adjust the interference frequency according to the monitored frequency (the function can be customized)

8. Interfere with the frequency hopping signal

9. Interference method: including single frequency interference/sweep frequency/frequency hopping interference; multi-frequency concurrent interference (function can be customized)

10. Self-protection function: with external antenna short-circuit, open-circuit, overheat protection, internal self-excitation and other self-protection functions

11. Networking method: LAN/WIFI/3G (4G) (function can be customized), connect to the command and control center through wired and wireless networks, and reserve interfaces for multiple users

12. Power supply control: support remote switch

13. Transmitting Antenna: Antenna Type: Directional Transmitting Antenna; Polarization: Horizontal Polarization/Vertical Polarization

14. It has the function of system self-inspection and reporting system working status information to the management and control platform system

15. It has the function of wired communication with the management and control platform system, and wireless two-way data communication (the function can be customized)

Product parameters


Performance parameters

Controlling distance of pressing

radius is not less than 5km (conventional model), and the radius is not less than 1.5km (frequency hopping mode of DJI Mavic AIR 2 )

Suppress Azimuth


Suppress Controlling Angle


Suppress Controlling Frequency

300MHz~6000MHz、900MHz(840 MHz~940 MHz)、1.6GHz(1550 MHz~1620 MHz)、2.4GHz(2400 MHz~2500MHz)、5.8GHz(5720 MHz~5850MHz)

Reserved expansion interface

Support client customized frequency band

Boot time

Less than 10 seconds, and the response time of the standby startup interference drone is less than 3 seconds

operating temperature

-20℃~50℃ ±2℃ (can be customized -40℃~70℃)

Protection class


Power supply

220V AC

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